Beauty Consultation



Most makeup wearing people I know reach a point in their lives when they are faced with an unanswerable question: do you finally throw away the eyeshadow palette that has been haunting your bathroom cabinet for 4 years, or do you live another day wondering what fun and fresh looks you could do next week when you go out for drinks with friends. It was $49, after all… and the sales person said it would really compliment your skin tone. But you don’t really like the colors, and you just don’t know if it’s age appropriate. And what about the lipstick? You know, that one. The one that rolls around at the bottom of your makeup bag, the one that you almost never put on. Do you keep it, or do you say farewell and pass it along either to the trash can or the dress-up box of your favorite 5 year old? I’m here to help.

In addition to holding on to expired makeup products, I’ve found that a lot of people hold on to expired makeup looks. Most makeup wearing people learn how to do their makeup at some point during middle school or high school, but often that’s the last time they put a lot of energy into learning makeup. And I’ve found that what is cute at 16 is, absolutely, not cute at 35, 45, 55 etc. 

Alternatively, you might be someone who’s personal beauty routine begins and ends with chapstick. And maybe you want to add in a little more—I’m here for you too.

A beauty consultation is a customized one-on-one appointment in your home where we will go through all of your beauty products and edit down what can stay, and what can go. After culling your cabinets, I will compile a list of suggested purchases to round out your beauty regimen. In our time together we will also do a beauty lesson and review a makeup look or technique to either add to your repertoire, or to revive and refresh your daily look.

A personal beauty consultation is perfect for everyone, from someone on the go who need a five minute face, to someone who likes to luxuriate in their getting ready process. Contact me today for a custom quote for a private beauty consultation. 


Group makeup lessons are the perfect way to refresh and revive your makeup routine, or to learn (and relearn!) the basics. They are perfect for a girls night, and make an awesome gift around the holidays. They are also a great way to keep the wonderful 14 year old in your life from tweezing off all of their brows or from falling into the overly contoured abyss. All group lesson come with complimentary makeup brushes and a deluxe goody bag.